grafika podroz
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I couldn’t wait to be back home from Oslo so I could start planning my trip around the world. I […]

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Moja podróż dookoła świata: co sprawia, że wstajesz każdego dnia?
My trip around the world: what makes you wake up every day?
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Finally I can share with you the details of my trip around the world. There will be heavenly beaches, high […]

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On the 7th of February 2014 one of my biggest dreams came true. I personally met, hugged and talked to […]

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I’m on my way to Berlin to see Taylor Swift’s concert. I’ve been preparing for this day for the last two […]

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My collection
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  What do you collect when you travel? I’m a huge fan of postcards and bracelets. I love recalling beautiful […]

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Stories from my life
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By completing a profile on couchsurfing you need to express your opinion about the site and the people belonging to […]

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After the Camp Leaders programme (something like work&travel) has finished, I started travelling all around the United States. During my […]

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american cup cakes
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My love for America is blind, but not returned. The Poles, as a country, we show a lot of understanding […]

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