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Admiring beauty is addictive. And when you find it long-lasting, strong, untouched by a man you freeze and can’t take your eyes off it. I personally find solace in communing with nature. By being among plants and animals I regain life harmony lost in the rush of wandering. On the Galapagos Islands I practically live in the bosom of nature. It is here where I have found peace and been re-enchanted by the world.

When on the dark blue sky the first streaks of light appear, me, dressed in a swimming suit, goes off to the beach. I sit down on the cold sand, open my eyes wide open and listen to the already familiar sounds. The best show begins again. Sleepy sea lions raise their heads and dispassionately roll over to the other side. Young fight for their place during feeding time. Fat pelicans form a v-formation in the air. Sea turtles shyly raise their heads above water and look around. The majestic marine iguanas sit up beside me and then go into the ocean and race penguins in the water. They have no chance since these animals in black vests are great and fast divers.

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And I’m sitting here among these creatures and feel as if I moved to the planet which is still unknown to Earthlings. There isn’t a living soul here. For the first time I’m happy with the high prices that effectively deter tourists. I gave myself long hours to admire the beauty of nature. It’s such a great feeling. In fact, even though in my head appeared voices like “do something, go on a trip, rent a bike, do not sit in one place”, I dispelled them effectively, because why leave something which is the most beautiful on the Galapagos Islands?

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The archipelago owes its uniqueness to isolation. It is situated far away from the mainland and far away from any threat – especially a man. There are thirteen large islands but the Isabela Island offers the best views. There are six active volcanoes, the heaviest marine iguanas, one can easily spot flamingos and swim with penguins. Although Isabela is the largest island of the archipelago, only 2200 people live there. It is wonderful to wander on small, empty streets and enjoy the sunset in complete solitude.

sierra negra

One of the attractions of the island is trekking to the summit of Sierra Negra volcano where you can see the second largest crater in the world with a diameter of 10 km and walk on the hardened lava. The path is full of giant cacti and dangerous climbs. I am really surprised that so many amazing animal species had found their home here as volcanic nature makes the Galapagos look at least inhospitable.

isla isabela beach

How is my stay on the Galapagos Islands different from others? My travels always share the same goal. I desire to get closer to the local population, see how others live, what they eat, what they dream about and how they love. This time I do not limit human smiles to the photo frames. I feed my eyes with the view of clever sea lions, lazy iguanas and cute blue-footed boobies. As soon as I reach a new place I throw a backpack on the hotel bed, hang a camera on my neck and run out. I know that these magnificent creatures are not going anywhere and will wait for me. I also know that my time here is limited so I grab every moment.


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