I got to Oslo a few hours ago and just had my first job interview. My goal is to save as much money as possible for my trip around the world. I am excited about living and working here. Plus… I got a job! 

HRC Oslo
I have experience in an office and in a restaurant, but without an ability to speak Norwegian I could only go for the second option, but that’s fine, I’ve missed working as a waitress. Corpo job is overrated. I’ve been corresponding with Hard Rock Cafe Oslo manager for the last couple of months and she finally invited me for an interview. I worked in Hard Rock Cafe before so it was a big plus. The interview has been a success and I am starting on Tuesday. Yay!

I will be a waitress but I will be a journalist as well. I just started writing articles for a website nportal.no.

My room
I am renting a small but cute room, 2km away from the city center and my new workplace. I found it through couchsurfing. Did I tell you that I absolutely love Couchsurfing? Now I’m having a jasmine tea, enjoying the view from my window and just feeling happy.

Kitchen Kitchen 1


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