Even if you only have a month or a week before your trip, or even if you fly out tomorrow, you still have time learn some basics of the local language. You only need a short period of time to master a few key words and phrases. And no, you don’t need to be a language genius to pick up the basics fast. Here are the four steps to basic fluency.

fluent in 3 months

If you haven’t heard of Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 months you should definitely check out his website. He recently wrote an excellent post on Nomadic Matt’s travel blog which I wanted to share with you.

Here is Benny:

Way too often, we arrive in a country and think to ourselves “Man, I wish I took some time to learn the basics of this language before I got here!” Or, maybe you think anything less than mastering the language is not useful enough to invest time in (…).

I only spoke English until I was 21. I nearly failed German in school, and I lived in Spain for 6 months without being able to learn the language—because I was doing it wrong. Fast forward to now: I speak around a dozen languages and counting, and it’s because I make my study hours work for me, practice speaking the language right away, and don’t waste my time studying what I won’t need. Even with just the basics in a language, I’ve had amazing experiences, like receiving my Chinese name on a train in the middle of China…just because I understood the question, “What’s your name?”

You can find Benny’s four steps to basic fluency HERE.


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