If you want to go on a trip around the world, even if you didn’t hit the jackpot, you may find this post useful. Exactly one year ago I decided that after graduating from university I will save some money and see a bit more of the world. I wanted to explore what our beautiful planet has to offer, before I start an adult life.Well I already lead an adult life, working full time and studying during weekends…  Anyways, I remember that day very well – it was then that I realised that a trip through Europe to Asia and the two Americas is what I want to do the most.

HEY: I published this blog post in October 2013, I think it might be time to edit it.  

1. Goal

Before you start thinking about how to save some money, make travel your #1 priority. If your dream is just a nice vacation in a warm place read this post again in some time 😉 If you assume that the journey is your priority, everything will become much easier – you will feel better saving $100 than buying a new pair of pretty shoes.

2. Time

If you plan your journey in advance you will have more time to save the money. Sounds trivial? I gave myself 1.5 up to 2 years. I’m at the halfway point, and have already saved a 5-digit amount. I promised myself that I will save the same amount each month and all addtional incomes, such as money for an extra job or the selling of electronic equipment, I will quickly transfered to my savings account. I didn’t spare anything only in January, when I lost my job, and August, because of my vacation in Greece.

3. Reducing the expenses

– change your thinking – identify  WANTS vs. NEEDS – Buy only the things you really need. Believe me, it’s possible to live without a new watch or another dress
– avoid riding a taxi
– party less, well… if you can’t live without it, eliminate half of your expenses
– learn to cook
– don’t buy books, borrow them (before your trip you will need to sell them anyway)
– don’t buy newspapers, today, everything is available in the internet (if you love printed press don’t buy more than 1-2 issues a month)
– lose the car
– get rid of the cable
– downgrade your phone

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to quit what I love the most – travelling. One time during my class, I was dreaming about another weekend trip and then I came up with this idea – I thought I could travel and make money playing guitar. Since the beginning of 2013, I have managed to go to 6 different countries and pay my trips off by playing the guitar or ukulele in the streets or beautiful European cities. Have a look at my 2013 project – I went to 13 European cities to play Taylor Swift songs in the streets.

4. Increasing the income

– try to get a raise or find a better job
– sell your stuff – there’s nothing better than getting rid of all that unnecessary stuff and finding someone willing to buy them. I started with books, but you could also go for clothes, CDs or electronic devices.
– open an online savings account and use travel rewards credit cards
– find an extra job – give private lessons or… become a busker 🙂

Good luck!

Any tips or suggestions? Share them in the comment below!


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