The beginning of my journey was supposed to be in Thailand, then I was meant to work 4 hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation in Australia and New Zealand, next wander through Asia. You know how it is with planning… Why did I dare to plan anything if I didn’t have a plane ticket yet anyway?! Just a moment ago I used my credit card and chose the first country…  Actually, it chose me.

On my fanpage there was a quiz and one of you hit the nail on the head! My dears, I’ll begin my journey in India! 🙂 Some people still remember that I have always wanted to go there and when I almost had a ticket in my pocket, the trip fell apart… This time it needs to be successful, especially that I’m flying on the 13th (:D) of January. The trip from Warsaw to Bangalore will take 35 hours. I have almost a 24h stopover in London, so before I drink a famous Hindu masala chai with milk (I hope they will have a plant one!), I will taste English Breakfast Tea. Guess what my boyfriend, siblings, mum, and everybody said about my lonely journey through India. I will be  found, kidnapped, and… you know the ending. So in order to save them a lot of stress I will join a Polish-French couple who arrive in Bangalore a few days earlier. It turned out that Karolina, the author of the blog Travels of a Broke Girl (Podróże Dziewczyny Spłukanej) has the same dream as me. Both of us want to travel around the world for one year, and it so happened that we will begin our journey of life in India, and after three weeks will say goodbye and go our own ways. I will go to Thailand, and a Broke Girl… it will turn out some time.

Why Thailand? Because at night I dream of paradise beaches, clear blue water and soft sand, besides in Bangkok I will meet with my love and we will wander together around Asia up to April. Yet I should not write about that because my boyfriend hasn’t bought his ticket yet. But when one books a flight, then he or she arranges everything so that the journey comes off. Mysteriously, one finds appropriate amount of money, gets holiday leave, and finds a person willing to take care of a cat etc.

My flights:

Warsaw – London – Bangalore
Kuala Lumpur – London – Krakow

It was much cheaper to book a round-trip flight as one-way ticket was the same price or even more expensive than a there and back travel. I’ll go back through Malaysia directly to Krakow itself. The travel around the world will last one year, but with a break  for Taylor Swift’s concerts which I will attend in June. That’s why I need to go back to Europe:) The tickets cost me $800. I think that’s an ok price, although it could be done even cheaper. Each spent sum huuuurts. The good thing is that for each five PLN spent I am given an air mile and I feel that the ticket for the second part of the trip, a flight to South America, may be bought for the accumulated points.

As for India, it will give me the jitters because of a visa. Yesterday, I found out that my passport expires at the beginning of 2016, so straight in the morning I rushed to the office to apply for a new one. If the procedure takes more than four weeks, I will be lost indeed, since I won’t have enough time to get a visa to India. I always have to leave something to the last minute, after all, I would not be myself…!


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