Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Anna Nadia Bandura, I’m a 27-year old Polish girl who travels the world with her guitar and makes money while traveling. I have a journalism and international relations degree which I can use on a daily basis while traveling – and it is great. I was born and raised in Krakow, Poland and caught a travel bug on my first backpacking trip to Ukraine in 2009.

In January 2015 I set off on the biggest adventure of my life – a 17-month world trip. Saving money took me over two years, which included working in an office in my hometown Krakow, freelancing as a journalist and travel writer, doing some marketing and social media work, playing guitar and singing in the streets of Europe, and waiting tables in Oslo, Norway. I was so proud of myself when finally getting on that plane to Asia.

What do I do now? I work as a travel writer, I’m writing my first book (wooah) and do professional photoshoots in some beautiful locations.

What do I love the most about traveling? Meeting locals and seeing how they live their lives.  Being able to isnspire my readers to travel by showing them anything is possible is pretty cool too!

People say how they would love to travel but they don’t have money and time. I want to show you that you can do it too :). Join me in the biggest adventure of my life so far!

You can help me see more of the world!

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