I have already mastered packing to perfection, but leaving for a trip around the world (for the first time so far and for so long), I wasn’t quite sure what would be useful and what should be left at home. Here is the list of 7 mistakes which you do not want to make…!

This post is part of the series “What to bring for a few month journey?”.

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1. Sleeping bag

Big, heavy and completely useless thing that took up one-third of the space in my backpack. In South-East Asia in the period from January to June it is hot or very hot. Instead of a sleeping bag, you dream of air conditioning and an ice-cold drink. I took it because that is what I read on blogs, besides in Nepal I went on a 10-day trek and anyway I had to rent a sleeping bag because mine was not suitable for sleeping in sub zero temperatures. Surely, everyone likes something else but for me the best alternative is a blanket + silk sheet.

2. mosquito net

It also took up a lot of space in my backpack but I didn’t use it even once. In places where there is a lot of mosquitoes, hostels and guest houses have their own mosquito nets which are usually nailed to the ceiling. I got it as a gift from a Canadian that I met in India, but after some time I passed it forward.

3. Spare, cheap phone

In some countries, I bought local SIM cards to make calls and text, but above all, to have access to the internet and maps. Cheap phones have only basic functions so I ended up putting the card into my smartphone. Before leaving, I thought it might be better not to flaunt with an expensive phone. I was wrong! In Asia, a lot of people have smartphones, especially in the countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. Obviously, it is best to act by intuition.

4. Swim shoes

According to your advice I took with me swim shoes. I was carrying them with me for a few months and used them only once during my stay on the Indonesian island of Gili Meno where I was swimming with colorful fish. Having such a small backpack, every inch of space is important. When every morning I was packing my backpack I looked at these rubber boots wondering if I ever wear them… Where there are coral reefs, there are also equipment rentals, and usually in addition to a tube and mask they give you shoes so you do not need to carry them for a few months.

5. Set of medications

Of course, it is always good to have them with you but you don’t need to take too many. Painkillers, something for diarrhea, mosquito repellent spray, plasters and lozenges (which ran out really quickly because of numerous air-conditioned places) should be enough. You can find pharmacies everywhere after all.

6. Ukulele

Sadly, I have to admit that taking an ukulele was not the best idea. It is a small instrument but not very handy. After three months I sent it back home. In fact, in almost every hotel there is a guitar, a banjo, a piano or an ukulele, so when I wanted to blow off some steam in a musical sense I used the hostel instruments.

7. Bras

Girls, thanks for last year’s hints. Solely and exclusively sports bras, or even lack of them. Whichever works best for you:)

What has the greatest influence on the contents of the backpack? First of all, destination and weather. What for me was a real flop, for you may be something you necessarily want to take. Listen to bloggers’ advice, but most of all, listen to yourself and your needs.


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