I would rate my packing for a several month journey to Asia four out of five. I would not rate it five because I did not take with me a few things that would have been very useful to me. I hope that the post will prove to be helpful and you will not make the same mistakes I did.

This post is part of the series “What to bring for a few month journey?”.
1. What I took for a few month journey to Asia
3. 5 things which I couldn’t do without during the journey through Asia − soon
4. 10 things that were completely of no use during the journey through Asia − soon

1. E-book reader

The biggest mistake of this journey! I can’t tell you how many times I waited for hours for the train, bus or plane. Time was dragging on mercilessly, sweat was dripping from my forehead, and I dreamed of a good book. Ok, I took a laptop but honestly it’s so uncomfortable to read a book on a laptop. I tried but some places were not safe enough to just take your computer out and sprawl in the street carrying it in hand. E-book reader is smaller, more handy and not so conspicuous. While in Poland I dug my old iPad out of the basement  and took it with me to Australia. Now I devour books one after the other!

2. Working mp3 player

Because my iPhone battery lasts only a few hours I always save it for more important things – GPS and maps. A month before leaving for India I bought a Spanish course on an mp3 player (which by the way is great) and I’m terribly sorry that I could not learn on the go. I took the player, but an old one and barely working. It ended its life about two weeks after arriving in Asia. It’s high time I bought a new one and go back to learn Spanish, because if all goes well I will fly to South America later this year.

3. Underwater good quality video camera

Before leaving, I wondered whether to invest in GoPro because I knew that I would dive and hence I wanted to have a keepsake of my underwater escapades. Eventually I took with me a borrowed GoPro 1 camera. I could buy something newer, but a few days earlier I had ordered a camera and at that time I couldn’t afford an extra expense. In Indonesia, it was the first time when I saw a coral reef and hundreds of thousands of colorful fish. I took, please note, 600 photos and recorded dozens films. And do you know how many of them went well? Zero. Unfortunately, the quality was so unsatisfactory that I removed 598 photos and left only two quite clear shots. In fact, it is definitely worth investing in equipment.

4. More foreign currency

I ran out of dollars already in Nepal, which was the second country I visited. And it is dollars that you pay with for visas at airports and for various permits. However, it’s good that in March I flew to New York and brought some cash. In Thailand I was without money for two days because the bank blocked my cards and in that situation dollars would be perfect. Unfortunately, they were spent during the first month. Luckily, I knew a person from whom I could borrow some money and thus I did not have an empty stomach. It’s worth having dollars, euros or alternatively pounds with you.

5. Blanket

Performs well in air-conditioned buses, airplanes and hostel rooms. It takes much less space than a sleeping bag, because it can be folded in a small rectangle. Very light silk sheet and a small blanket completely replace a sleeping bag which is very cumbersome (at least in my case, because I couldn’t attach it to my backpack and had to put it inside).

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot something? What would you add to this list?


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