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My love for America is blind, but not returned. The Poles, as a country, we show a lot of understanding for our ally and rooted in the consciousness of Poles view, saying that only good stuff can meet us from the U.S. is still valid, although it recently has lost its importance.

We must remember that the United States have the myth. Myth about America. United States impressed us in many ways – movies, music, science and the myth is reinforced by Polish and foreign media.

10 reasons why I love this country:

1. People

In the U.S., every day you meet a selfless kindness. On the first day in the U.S., I could not stop wondering how nice people are there. On the streets you see smiling faces and friendly strangers saying “hello”. Have you lost your way? Do not worry, I am sure someone will help you, or even take you to the address you indicate. In some places, it is too scary to take a map out of a backpack, because in the blink of an eye there is a garland of good souls around. Americans do not jostle in the aisles and if someone accidentally wipe arm around you, you always hear an apology. They do not tend to chug around your neck, while standing in line. As drivers, they are driving accordingly to the rules and let pedestrians pass on the lanes.

Service in American restaurants should be a role model for other countries. The wait staff is extremely attentive and helpful. Whether this is due to their “tipping culture”, where the average tip is 10-15% of the bill? I find it hard to judge, but it may have something there. Residents of the United States have a flexible approach to their outfit, to the point that in the subway you can see a businessman in a suit and sneakers, who after a long day wants to rest his feet, or Mr. Black doing shopping in a bathrobe. They do not wonder “what would someone think about me.” Like no one else, they are proud of their origin, their possessions in science, culture, and their – relatively short – history.

2. The variety of cuisine

I promise you that in America you will eat the best Chinese cuisine, tastiest Mexican burrito, most delicate sushi and even … real Italian pizza. Not to mention American burgers with XXL fries. The richness of American cuisine comes from the fact that the U.S. is a country of immigrants and here all the proceeds of cultures, cuisine and regions clash.

3. The Grand Canyon and other wonders

I have many beautiful memories from America, but one in particular stuck in my mind. Sunset over the Grand Canyon.  Hot, orange sun, slowly and lazily hiding behind rocks, staining them into bright red color. It is worth the wait until the sun will disappear completely, because in its place there are millions of stars showing. Remember how at the end of romantic comedies couple in love look at the sky, where hundreds of thousands of lights are blinking. I used to think that something like this only happens in the movies. It turns out that this stellar paradise truly exist.

4. 4th of July

The issue of patriotism and celebration of public holidays is incomparably more developed than ours. Independence Day is celebrated riotously joyous. This is the celebration during which Americans come together for picnics, festivals, concerts and together celebrate being Americans. The Day traditionally ends with a fireworks display, which Americans just love.

 5. Stores and prices

In the U.S. apparel, accessories, cosmetics and electronics are cheaper than in Poland. They are usually of better quality, and the choice is bigger. The U.S., tempts us with good brands at discounted prices. For example, winter boots of Timberland in the U.S., bought on sale for $ 50, in Poland, I saw the same in price of… $ 200.

6. American studies and research

70% of the bibliography of my thesis were American positions. In the local libraries or online stores, you will find elaborations on any subject that you might be interested in.

7. Presidential campaigns

I love the period of election campaigns in the United States. The elections are spectacular, determine global trends, show you how to lead a political struggle, how to raise millions of dollars from the voters and how to skillfully use the media, especially social media.

8. Hollywood

Hollywood is like a huge factory, a place of production of mass culture and the big hits of world cinema.  I come back to Hollywood when I want to have a laugh and watch a comedy, when I’m feeling down and watch the drama (maybe it should be the other way). It is not difficult to agree with the statement that American movies set trends and directions of cinema entertainment.

9. Police

Americans see the police as friends, not enemies. Please, note that an attempt to bribe a police officer is absolutely unacceptable. In the case of the control stop, do not get out of the car and do put your hands on the steering wheel. In fact, the police rarely stop drivers. I remember the day we drove a four-seat jeep with no roof with 7 people in it. We stopped at a red light, about 4 feet from the police car, which was parked at the cross. The policemen smiled and we went on. Unfortunately, Americans often do not follow the principle of “do not drink & drive”. In front of the dance clubs, parking lots are full, and inside of each club, everyone is drinking.

10. Church and approach to religion

Their tolerance and respect for other religions amaze me. I love Holy Masses in the American Christian churches, where the faithful pray to the beat of cheerful melodies, and at the end of Mass, the priest shakes hands with every one of you, thank you for coming and politely asks “how are you”.

And of course I love America for American English. It’s like honey to my ears!


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