30 Incredible Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Tasmania. NOW
30 Incredible Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Tasmania. NOW

Hello, my name is Anna "Nadia" Bandura. At the beginning of 2015 I left home to travel the world. I've visited over 30 countries on 5 continents. Currently I'm living in Australia and writing my travel memoir which will be published in 2018. I also have a great passion for music: I write songs, sing, play guitar. But above all I'm here to help you travel more often and live to the fullest.

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I quietly open my tent window and walk between the thick twisted trees, touching their wrinkled skin. The wind battered branches […]

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I think one of my greatest lessons this year has been that trust is the key to everything. Just a […]

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Hey! I’ve never done a reader survey before and I realized that in order for this blog to be as […]

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Admiring beauty is addictive. And when you find it long-lasting, strong, untouched by a man you freeze and can’t take […]

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